Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vote for the Stream

It's audience participation time on Shakedown Stream. Every week during the entire month of March, there will be a list of Grateful Dead shows here to vote for. This week's winner was from Tinley Park, IL in 1990. The level of participation was awesome. Look for the poll in the upper right hand corner of this blog page, and vote for your favorite show. Runner-up shows remain on the list, and every week 1 more will be added. (Click on the image for last week's set list)

Also, check out the latest stuff coming out of Phil & Bobby's Furthur tour.
Peace - Jer Bear


  1. Jer Bear -

    Love your then, 6/17/76 is SO far superior to 7/21/90 that, I BEG of you, notwithstanding "audience participation," please play it another time. PLEEEZE!

  2. 從人生中拿走友誼,猶如從生活中移走陽光........................................