Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dead Head Alert

Hey now streamers - most of you know that Shakedown Stream is brought to you by, the internet arm of Martha's Vineyard's radio station, 92.7 FM WMVY. MVY has always been a leader of independent radio stations in an age of corporate domination. Several years ago, the MVY folks launched a pioneering internet radio presence,, and have reached a worldwide audience. Check 'em out if you haven't already - you can personalize your listening preferences, hear new and live music and more. Unlike 92.7, mvy's internet radio is completely commercial-free and entirely listener supported, so they created a non-profit organization that collects donations to keep the internet streams flowing. That means Shakedown Stream needs your green energy ($$$) to keep going. We'd like to invite you to make a tax deductible donation today at friends of mvyradio. And for a donation of $125, you get a 100% organic cotton Shakedown Stream tee shirt hot off the press. The Stream, this blog, and our ever expanding FB group is a labor of love for me, but the Stream has fixed costs that need to be covered - technical stuff like bandwidth and servers that make it all possible. Where would the Dead have been without the technical wizards that brought their sound to so many venues? Become a friend of mvy today and together we'll create something built to last.

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