Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where are we going this week ...?

The fans selected 6/17/76 of Passaic, NJ as the featured show for this week. With over 100 votes cast on ShakedownStream's blog page, this show barely beat out the '74 show. Either way, we were going to have a an awesome featured show this week.

The month of March was devoted to the polling/voting theme. It was a cool way for Streamers to get involved and determine the direction of their show. Shakedown Stream is a Grateful Dead podcast show hosted by a fan for the fans. No one thing is greater than the other - just a piece of a larger whole.

Join me this week for another episode of Shakedown Stream on this Tuesday at 5pm (eastern time).

Also, you may hear some old crusty Grateful Dead, Pig Pen, something acoustic, tracks from the recent Furthur tour '10 and whatever else that may flow into the Stream.

Peace, Jer Bear

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