Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Furthur on the Stream

Episode #120 of Shakedown Stream this week will go even Furthur. Many Streamers, railers, spinners, wharf rats, and devotees have asked me to play this show - 3/3/10. The 2nd night in Chicago is the stand out show from this tour. I may be wrong or I may be missing some others, but, for now - this is the show. Everybody is talking about it. I listened to it on a sunny shiny Saturday morning on my porch while eating Pear waffles drinking organic coffee with silky soy milk and listening to the 1st set of the 2nd night show.

I was quite blown. For sure. Indeed. It twas, dare I say, what Veneta was to Sunshine Daydream and nudity - this show is to Health Care Reform in my lifetime.

So, anyway, rarely do I go off script from the format, but this week we will feature Furthur in all its' glory.

Tuesday at 5pm (eastern time) April 6th on

Peace - Jer Bear

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