Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainbow Theatre

I remember when some of my friends and new deadhead buddies had come back from England after seeing the Dead play at the Rainbow Theatre in 1981. I was so jealous and envious. These may not have been positive signs of a virtuous young lad on the road to enlightenment. However, it did get me stoked to venture out and see the Dead whenever I could.

Anyway, whatever, that was then and this is now. Someone asked and I obliged. We will feature one of the shows from the Spring 81 mini tour in England. They played 4 shows in London and 1 in West Germany with Pete Townsend of the Who. At this point, the German show is quite well known now that the video has been well circulated on DVD and various songs available on YouTube.

What: Shakedown Stream
Where: & iTunes
When: Tuesday @ 5pm eastern time
Why: "I'm gonna go for it. for sure!!"

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