Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Next week's Stream

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Boston Music Hall - 6/9/76.
This is the first show that the Dead played on the East Coast after what would be their longest hiatus as a band (the last show was 10/20/74 [if you don't include the 4 shows in 1975]). My friend Mad Dog once said to me that the Dead became the Dead with the release of "Blues for Allah." That statement has always stuck with me and still does. The set lists and song selection had not only changed in 1976, but now they had tunes like "Music Never Stopped" and "Franklin's Tower," and not to mention, but I shall, "Crazy Fingers."  Now they were not just a re-hashed band from the 60s, or a folky americana rock band toying with country music who turn it into jam music, but now they found their niche and they became the Grateful Dead playing Grateful Dead. 

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  1. Jer bear,
    Love the stream.
    My first exposure to the dead came in the eigth grade, a few years after Jerry passed. I had a teacher named silva who use to blast tunes during lunch and even during class. Since then Ive been hooked. Why, I don't know, but hooked permanently. I can say the five reasons I keep listing are the peace, joy, love, simplicity and unity that the music inspires.
    When you get confused listen to the music play.
    Garrett, Bethesda, md.