Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rhythm Devils Announce August Dates

Looks like Billy & Mickey are going further too. They have announced dates for this August for the midwest and east coast. The Rhythm Devils will end up at the Higher Ground in Burlytown, Vermont in early September.
  • Don't forget, they will be getting their beat going in July out West when the Rhythm Devils start their July tour.
  • We also will be waiting to hear the new Robert Hunter tunes with The 7 Walkers: Kreutzman and Papa Mali. In addition, you can download some of Billy's recent live material with BK3 at nugs.net. 
  • Right on - definitely check out the Rhythm Devils on this week featured show on Shakedown Stream where you can hear Billy & Mickey do "drumz"  at the Alpine Valley show of July 1989. 

Peace - Jer Bear

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