Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alpine Valley

First off great theme- I remember bring this up when you feature the 1974 Montana show. Second love all the pigpen from the 12-12-6y show-great hard to handle and lovelight! Best uncle john's-> he was a friend of mine--- love that early rendition of the "dead theme song" or should that be Trucking-either way. Third- I did not catch the cold rain & snow from two weeks back when it was cold rain and snow here in Milwaukee. Furth-great wicked messenger-I've been to the oriental theater-god I wish it would have been for a jerry band show! They still do a crazy Saturday night midnight rocky horror picture show showing where people through real toast and spray water for the rain scenes. Lastly send out some vibes for Wisconsin-for a furthur show---Alpine Valley or summerfest- it worked for Pennsylvania 
And-hey now- thanks for all your hard work and your creative style it keeps me smiling constantly in my car -which is where I can get the best uninterrupted shakedown stream time! 
I forgot you simply must play the jam->china->MLBJ-rider from the dicks pick vol 12 -I must say it is the BEST china-rider ever!!! Maybe a pre-view of the 73-74 china->rider theme for a later date. 
From Milwaukee-brian 

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