Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dead News

As we get ready for the last installment of the China>Rider series on Shakedown Stream, I am pleased to report it has been well received. The theme has proven a little tricky because, believe it or not, finding the exact first China Cat Sunflower > (into) > I Know You Rider was more elusive than I expected. I am still not 100% sure that the very first China>Rider is from 9/30/69 show at that Cafe au Go-Go, NYC, however, I am reasonably confident. You know how the Truth goes, its' always changing and shifting on ya (wait, is that true?). Anyway, I enjoy "researching" different facts about the Grateful Dead's music and corresponding trivia. For the most part, I would portray myself more as one hack in the parking lot than a true Grateful Dead scholar, but whatever, that is what is cool about the Dead - we can all act as if. The thing that keeps my interest piqued is the continual and un-ending discovery about their music, ergo, it is still fresh for me. 

Dead News:
Phil Lesh is building a barn. Link
Bobby Weir has a cool studio. Link 
Furthur has announced a Summer Tour. Furthur

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  1. Listening to the Jan 18th RFK stream again. Funny stuff about the JAM cruise bust and your amazing detective work comment. Pure Genius!