Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Eyes have it !

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Eyes have it! Please join me once again for another episode of Shakedown Stream on The last episode of our theme of "Eyes of the World" features another Grateful Dead show from 1973; the first year that Eyes of the World was displayed for the masses. The theme developed on its own in much the same fashion as the Stream itself - it breathes and pulsates to its own inner rhythms. 
We started with a show from February 1973 and then moved to a show from March 1973. This week, expect a show from April 1973 - one that possesses one of the great early versions of Eyes of the World. Listen! and then wake up to find out you are the Eyes of the World. You always have been, now you know it and, for heaven's sake, try not to forget it. Maybe somewhere down the road, we will theme Eyes again and focus on 1974, but for now ... & iTunes
Tuesday @ 5pm - Beach Time
Wake Up!!!

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