Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wake Up !!

Wondering where the nuthatch lives? Tune into Shakedown Stream this week for another installment of our Eyes of the World summer spectacular. First released on the 1973 release "Wake of the Flood", Eyes of the World went through many incantations. However, they first broke the tune out in Palo Alto in Feb of '73 before it made it on the album (many Grateful Dead songs were played live before recorded and officially released)- we'll hear that version in this week's Shakedown Stream. They played Eyes in 1973 more than any other year - 49 times, in fact, that was more than twice as many times than any of the years from 74 - 95. This week's Featured Show will also include an Eyes of the World that shows the song's evolution in the first year from a few weeks after last week's show. 

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