Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Pure Jerry" - Part 2

"Might As Well" take that ride again. Join us for episode 2
of Pure Jerry. It will be more of the same, but different.

August 9th is the anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death, therefore, this show will have a more somber tone to it. Yet, look forward to "mini sets", sparkling gems representative of Jerry Garcia's style and brilliance.

Shakedown Stream & iTunes
Tuesday @ 5pm - Jerry Time

"Shine On, keep on shining, shine on.


  1. Wow, I have been at sea for 3 weeks and then stayed out off the coast of NYC in case any of you Northerners needed help due to damage from that Irene Chick.

    Came home today and downloaded 4 weeks of the stream and was happily greeted with that Knockin on Heavens Door opener from Jerry II.

    That was the best version I have heard in many moons. Keep on Keepin on Jer! Just as people feel me and my brethren make a difference, I feel that you make a difference. You are manipulating the universe and keeping the torch lit. Thanks for your service!

    Navy Jeff

  2. PS...I think the stream has always been there. You discovered it and were not selfish. You found the gold mine and decided it should not be a secret map with an X on it. You found it first, learned its power and how to manipulate it and shined it down on the rest of us. Thanks for being our tour guide through the last high hope.

    Again, Navy Jeff.