Friday, September 30, 2011

October is Dead

1984. In order to align with the Divine, we must draw inward toward the middle, the place of strength. How does this relate to Shakedown Stream? In reviewing the list of featured shows, it appears that we need to fill in some of the spaces. What does that mean? Well, some years like 1971 and 1984 have been neglected. Therefore, in order to create balance, we need to direct the stream toward the lesser-played years. September brought out some stellar 1971 shows and this month it's 1984 all over again. Next week, look for something special to kick off this Orwellian extravaganza as we create a balanced flow of music that spans the decades of the Dead's career. 

As a special treat, the Stream explores the notion that there are three kinds of deadheads: China>Riders, Scarlet>Fires and/or Help>Slip>Franklin heads. Which one(s) are you???

Shakedown Stream
One More Tuesday Night @ 5pm on
Heart of Gold Land


  1. Hey Jer,

    Thank so much for bringing us the Stream. You, more than anyone else, have turned me to on the the Dead in very powerful and intimate way. Can't wait for '84 this month. That year is very special to me.

    Thanks again,