Thursday, March 8, 2012

A rare and Different Tune

Sometimes I cannot resist. I have received some very passionate feedback asking me to exercise more balance between Phil & Friends with copious amounts of Grateful Dead. Next week, on Shakedown Stream, we are changing course. Rather than sticking to the originally planned 3 night thematic stand of Phil's return from 1999 at the Warfield Theatre, we will align with the middle - where we are all much more comfortable - jamming to LIVE Dead with Jerry Garcia.

In the sprit of Phil Lesh's upcoming March 15th birthday next week and his new "Terrapin Crossroads" live music & restaurant venue in San Rafael, CA - Shakedown Stream will feature the 3/15/90 show. It all connects and sometimes it just makes sense to align with the Divine.

Join me and all of us for this very fine Terrapin Station official CD release of Phil Lesh's birthday from 1990.

A Rare and Different Tune
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