Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Observation

The listeners of Shakedown Stream are not only consistent, but are keen observers of the Stream. For example, ...

Hey again Jer Ber,

I was thinking one of the cool things about "The Stream" is that you get to hear a whole show, but also hearing the individual tracks and other sounds out of that context can be cool too. Like a song from a different era than the featured show (or just the song played before it) can really sound really fresh sometimes. Also the background music you play, sometimes a space, drums or the classical piano that's sometimes at the end of a show usually has that effect too. Like, just hearing that 30 seconds of space makes me appreciate how cool it is sonically, where I might not hear it the same way in the middle of the live show. Anyway I remember reading a quote (I think from Bobby) saying that you could think of listening to the guitars of the Dead like Jerry was McCoy Tyner's right hand on the piano and he (Bob) was the left. Also another Jazz-head friend of mine said he heard a lot of John Coltrane in Jerry Garcia's playing/improvising. I've read the band was hip to that stuff especially in the late sixties. I'm thinking 60's era Tyner and "Love Supreme" era John Coltrane might be an interesting addition to your sonic supporting palate as you flow with each Shakedown Stream.

Peace Supreme - Dave, in "The Springs"


  1. I agree with Weir. There are times when the 'Trane influence, subtle though it may be, is very apparent.

    1. More specifically, I agree with the McCoy Tyner thing, and what that othere Jazz-head said.

      Don't mind me. It's 5:04 AM Sunday and I just got home...