Friday, April 9, 2010

Top Ten Grateful Dead Songs

What are your top ten all time favorite Grateful Dead songs? Have you ever thought about it?

Some months ago, on one of the episodes of Shakedown Stream I was talking about an article I read somewhere on the internet about the Grateful Dead - one of many. The article ended with the writer's top ten list of favorite Grateful Dead songs. Included in the list was the song "Rosemary
" for which I made fun of.

My observation became a point of interest for many listeners of Shakedown Stream. I even asked Streamers to offer up their own top ten list and received a flurry of top ten lists. I keep receiving top ten lists, week after week. It is awesome. Somebody even put together an excel spreadsheet for me track all the lists. We will be able to calculate what the top ten of the top ten lists. Deadheads are crazy and way "into it."

What is your top ten favorite Grateful Dead songs? (

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