Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Group Mind Intention Experiment

What is the featured show for this week?
What is the theme for the month of May?
You tell me.

We are going to try something. This month on Shakedown Stream we are going to do an experiment. In the spirit of the Grateful Dead group mind and the work of Lynne Taggart's "The Intention Experiment", we are going do something different. For the whole month of May, all listeners and streamers are invited to send out their intention of the desired featured show for the week. Send me your intention through your thoughts, prayers, the telepathic transmission device in your head & hearts.  Please, whatever you do, do not tell me in an email, through the written word or in traditional ways- do it through your intentions. Practice and try out this new way.

To learn more -

Peace - Jer Bear

What:              Shakedown Stream
When:             Tuesday at 5pm eastern time
Where:   & iTunes

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