Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

The featured show for this week will take us back to the things that I know and truly understand. 4/20/83, 27 years ago, the Grateful Dead in Providence, Rhode Island blew my mind - literally. This show represents a pivotal point in my life. I lost my car, the horses had cops on their backs, the best BERTHA - ever (Bobby knocking them down like bowling pins) walking and following the colored lines all night long through the streets of Providence and, most importantly, I met the irreprehensible Colonel Mohabie.

Also, it was Unbroken Jane's very first Dead show.

Sometimes, I just gotta pull my favorite Dead b-legs off the shelf and play them like I used to - Back to the Basics.

What: Shakedown Stream
When: Tuesday - 5pm (eastern time)
How: Open Your Heart to Grace

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  1. Yes, I feel the same way about Auditorium Theater, Chicago, 5/12/77. Almost never mentioned when people rhapsodize (justifiably!) about '77 shows, but this is the one that turned me on to Jack-a-Roe, Looks Like Rain, and Scarlet>Fire. You can tell, even before the band starts playing, what a good mood they're in by the opening banter among the band members.

    "Irreprehensible"?! Uh, maybe you mean "irrepressible"....