Saturday, April 10, 2010

Featured Show for April 13th

The month of April is taking on a different twist for the featured shows for Shakedown Stream. Last week we featured Phil & Bobby w/ Furthur in Chicago from their latest tour. Instead of the customary full featured show, this week we will jam out to the Greatest Hits of the Road Trips Volume 2 series. This series of releases includes "MSG September '90", "Carousel 2.14.68", "Wall of Sound", "Cal Expo '93".

I have played various songs from each of these beautiful releases, but I have yet to give them their due. It is now time. I always try to be respectful and mindful of the Grateful Dead and Rhino Records’ efforts to sell these releases. Ergo, I do not blatantly play them in their entirety. Hey, I am so happy that Rhino and the Dead are doing these releases I MIGHT AS WELL be cool about it.

I think enough time has elapsed that we can have a nice little jam party on the Stream this week with the four Road Trips.

Check it all out on Shakedown Stream on

Tuesday at 5pm eastern time.

Peace - Jer Bear

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