Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Hey everybody - have a great Memorial Day weekend, smile and be safe. I also want to extend a special thank you to all those soldiers who listen to Shakedown Stream overseas.

Good Evening, Morning, Afternoon, etc.. JerBear,
Just sending you an endless thank-you from the sunshine daydream beaches of the land of the rising sun, Okinawa, Japan. I'm stationed here as a Marine preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and just before the second set of the Avalon Ballroom, 10/12/68, you mentioned a young man jamming in Iraq. Keep 'em rolling friend, I'll be carrying these golden shows with me from Okinawa->Hawaii->California->Afghanistan in a time span of about 2 months; to culminate in the big sandbox for a hefty time period. I'll be fightin' tooth and nail for internet access to the Stream. I figure you'll be able to add a few locals to your global pin cushion.
Let me tell you though, my heartstrings soar with the power surging from this primeval Dead. Some of my favorite early jams were ghostly and violently birthed through Cryptical Envelopment->Drums->That's it for the other one->Cryptical Envelopment->Drums->Jam->Feedback. This show has been stomping and flitting through my ear drums in a most glorious manner, and most righteously taking the place beside a coveted Fillmore West '69.
The 5 reasons why I love the Dead:
1.) People reaching to you, JerBear, through the Dead for comfort and solace
2.) You and the music providing love in due course
3.) My Brother and I understanding each other across oceans through sound
4.) All that is yet to come
5.) Real life magic
Can't thank you enough Man. Long hours, longer jams, still floating. shall we go?

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  1. Hey Now! I was just listening to your last podcast or the one before that and I am sure you got a lot of offers but you mentioned that a brother in Iraq wanted to have some dead shows downloaded onto his ipod so I thought I would lend a hand if you still need one! Not sure if this is the right forum but there you go! (~);}