Friday, October 15, 2010

Everything Must Go - Len Dell'Amico

"Everything Must Go" is a new movie directed by Grateful Dead film-maker Len Dell'Amico. It is a weird new comedy about Mac who "after getting fired from his job and losing his girlfriend decides to go on a mission and find some drugs with his slacker friend Bobby. Their mission turns into a bizarre adventure that turns into a big screw up." I think this movie is friggin' funny and the perfect kind of humor for where we are in the crazy world right now. 
Definitely check it out at

I had the good fortune to discuss Len's new movie recently. We also talked about the environment, windmills and Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Please join me this week for another long Grateful Dead stream and to hear parts of the interview on Shakedown Stream on Right on !! Jer Bear.

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