Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oct 12th - Playin'

We are all Playing in the Band. The Grateful Dead performed Playing in the Band just over 500 times during their 30 year run. So when I find myself pondering what show to feature for Shakedown Stream this week, the options are overwhelming. There are so many. It is a song they played consistently throughout the years with many magical variances. Naturally, I think of the ’72 or ’74 long versions, but this week I ended up being ...drawn to May 1977.

The Dead played - what I call - sandwich Playing in the Bands’, particularly in ’77, but ’74 too. They would play a sweet Wharf Rat, The Wheel or even a Scarlet Begonias in the middle of a long Playin’ (like bookends). This week I picked the Palladium from the spring of ’77. This show contains a nice Playin’ sandwich with one of my favorite fillings. I hope you enjoy it.

I will also be streaming my recent interview with Jesse McReynolds, the famous country mandolin player from Jim & Jesse. Jesse's new CD is a Tribute to Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter songs: Songs of the Grateful Dead. I will also be giving away a limited number a free CDs of Jesse’s new Tribute album. He does a fabulous version of Black Muddy River, Deep Ellem Blues and Bird Song as well as others - all the songs are great. He also has a new song he did with Robert Hunter called "Day by Day". I think this is one of the best post Jerry projects since his passing in 1995. 

Peace - Jer Bear

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