Friday, October 22, 2010

Playin' Missoula, Montana

The Playing in the Band theme for October has brought us to some sweet shows and some amazing Playin' jams. As we already know, there are over 500 shows to pick from when it comes Grateful Dead shows with Playing in the Band.

This week's featured show takes us to Missoula, Montana 1974. I have always been very fond of this show because I used to have a small part of it on tape for years. Now, we all can enjoy the whole show this week on Shakedown Stream on

It is all about the love and we all know how share it on the Stream.
Peace be with you - Jer Bear


  1. Always ready for a Wall of Sound rollout!! Mike of Norwood

  2. Hey Jer Bear,

    what was that Shakedown St you played early in the show, just before The Main Ten?
    Sounded like 79-81. A definitely fun version--the Jerry/Brent/Bob vocals at the end gel really nicely.