Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote Vote Vote Vote, says Bob

Grateful Dead Guitarist Calling Fans Personally, Reminding Them To Vote

Most deadheads are used to listening to Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir live on stage, but a new get out the vote effort will give several fans the chance to hear him live in an entirely different way: on their phones., a nonpartisan group aimed at getting music fans involved in the Democratic process, announced Monday that a dozen musicians will place personal phone calls to their fans urging them to head to the polls.
“Rather than getting a recorded or live call from a politician saying vote for me,’ what we’re going to be dispensing are … live calls saying ‘vote for you,’”  Weir said during a conference call with reporters. 
According to, those who receive the calls will be from the 25,000 young people who have signed up at concerts or online for the group’s “Pledge to Vote” campaign. 
Country music legend Willie Nelson will be joining Weir, as will Adam Gardner from Guster, Yim Yames from My Morning Jacket and Jon Fishman from Phish.

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