Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling the Love

Jer - Bear, Feeling the love 2011!!!

Well thank you for what you do!! Your show has put me back on the team so to speak. The 12/28 show was the warm up while driving up the coast from San Diego to S.F. Listening to the killer Elvin Bishop / Jerry jam that got me pumped up, and ready for the 30/31st New Year’s Shows.

Then these shows were the tapered performance…. What an experience (By the way) the 30th being my birthday ….which was my girlfriends gift to me. The 31st show that included a parade lead by an elephant and a trailing dancing bear, all to be followed by a great countdown to New Years, then into a “we love you” ? A song that I had never herd before!!!!. These shows all left us smiling and happy. Feeling the love, heading further into a New Year.

Then the cool down, your show on 1/4/11 the replaying of some of the NYE music we had just listened to and the Raven all while returning home to San Diego. I just want to say thank you for your time and your show . Double twist when you hit the air.

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