Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Streaming Healing Music

Dear Jerbear,

I'm a native Californian, 29 years old, living in New Zealand. I've been listening to your show since November and absolutely love it. Kiwis don't really know who the Dead are, and having this show to tune into really brings a piece of home and our culture back into my heart.

In December, I had what was supposed to be a minor ankle surgery for a very rare disease. I'm a month into recovery, and for the first 15 days I was completely laid up. I really feel I would have lost my mind had it not been for your show. It never ceased to put a smile on my face even during the most tumultuous times of the healing process. I'm a firm believer in a positive mind leads to improved physical healing. The musical therapy has worked wonders and continues to do so. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good

Sincerely, Will

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  1. Funny, I tried posting this before, but I wanted to say that i've been here in NZ for over 3 months now and havn't heard a lick of the Dead. I've only had sporadic web access to boot. Well, a week or so ago, I found a good 'deal' of 12 hours of wireless for $10 NZD...so after catching up on my emails and such...I got motivated to find some GD for my mobile. Not much longer later, I found the Stream (which I was desperatly missing from my itunes at home)!

    Totally changed my trip here in NZ!

    Thanks JB!