Saturday, January 22, 2011

Streaming Oregon

Hello Jerbear 
I really Loved your Jan 11 show. Veneta was great.  I live in Oregon and I went to that show. It really took me back. But a track you played after the show from 1-16-70 Springer's in Portland really turned me on, I lived about a mile from Springer's and my friends parents owned the place so we were there every weekend. Is there any more from that show - I sure would like to know?  I have been listing to your show for about a month now, I love it - it has become part of my routine now and I really can feel the Vibe. 
Keep up the great work - Bruce


  1. Dude, couldn't agree more...been so appreciative of the shakedown back in the states. Hadn't heard a lick of the dead while down here in NZ till today when I had enough and found a way to get the stream on my Droid!

    Jer bear, thanks so much!

  2. Hey Jerber,

    Like others I have thought about writing for a while then the thought and time passes, another stream rolls around I repeat the process and so on. Anyway I felt compelled to write for 2 reasons. First of all I would have written the Dead off in the 90's if it wasn't for this RFK show. Very nice! I saw them in Highgate in "94 and "95 when things were definitely on the decline. As you said there were some great shows in the DC area. Probably one of the best I saw was at Merriweather Post, '83 I think when there was a torrential rainstorm, lightening and we were on the lawn. It was electric in every sense of the word. Everything came together that night.

    The second reason for writing is you mentioned something I haven't thought of in years and wholeheartedly agree with. I was skiing at Mad River yesterday and going up the lift when you mentioned the guitarist from one of Edie Brickell's album sounding like Jerry. I always thought Garcia was on that album at the time, but never checked it out. It sounded so familiar. Anyway your podcast made for a great day of skiing.

    Always enjoy the show. - Randy in Vermont

  3. Skiing to the Stream is the best !!!!