Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kansas Cities ?

There is a Kansas City, MO and there is Kansas City, Kansas. The city from Missouri is definitely bigger than the one from Kansas. I would have thought it to be just the opposite, but that is me. The Kansas City in Missouri has a population of 2 million, but that includes the surrounding metropolitan area of the city. As a New Englander, I would have to say that is bigger than anything we have going on here, except Boston. It also has a professional baseball team (Kansas City Royals) and a NFL football team (Kansas City Chiefs). It has the cleanest drinking water of any other city in the USA. Now that is something to be proud of – very impressive (how do they do it?). In addition, “The city is famous for 18th Street and Vine where jazz saxophone and composition legend, Charlie Parker (Charles "Yard Bird" Parker, Jr.), rehearsed in an empty lot (Wikipedia).

This week’s Stream featured show hails from Kansas City, Missouri – not Kansas. The show from 1982 is one of my favorites. The 1st set of this show was a part of my collection that was on a Maxell UDII 45 minute cassette tape for years. Things have changed for the better and now we can hear the whole show – 1st & 2nd sets in all its’ glory. However, next week, we will properly get back to the Dead in Kansas theme on Shakedown Stream. Look for it, expect it, anticipate it and plan on it on

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