Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Stop in Kansas

"We are not in Kansas anymore" - actually, that is not true, we are. Shakedown Stream - a Grateful Dead radio show & podcast - streams a copious amount of Grateful Dead music every week on Sometimes, Jer Bear - the host - will devote a month to a theme (thematic Dead) so as to focus on a particular part of the 30 year jam from the San Francisco scene from the 60s.

As Ken Kesey once said, "I went into this room and ...then government said 'don't let anybody back in that room'." However, Kesey decided to open that room up to everybody and the Grateful Dead played music in that room. It's a big room.

This week we will finish up our foray into "Dead in Kansas". Our featured show this week is a 1991 show from Bonner Springs, Kansas. We will be treated to an awesome opener as Franklin's Tower continues to get its' dew this month - I think it has something to dew with Kansas.

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Tuesday @ 5pm EST
"If you get confused, listen to the music play"

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  1. Wow, my hometown is Hutchinson KS, and I am a life-long Jayhawk. Now I live in SF bay area, east-side. My path has taken my different turns since I left KS in 1976. Please make the connection with this old Hippie.