Saturday, February 26, 2011

Those March Winds

The March Dead of '88 - that is our theme for this month. The first episode of the month is the 2nd show of a three night run in Oakland, CA - the backyard of the Dead. This show in particular has a special guest Hamza El Din who joins Mickey and Billy on drumz in the 2nd set. This may be auspicious due to the changes we are witnessing in the middle east. Also, we will hear the 1st version of Bobby singing Dylan's "Memphis Blues Again" in the 1st set. These shows are much shorter than usual, therefore, we will be free to explore some other aspects of our favorite music.

Join me this week and every week for a review of the Grateful Dead from March of 1988. Listen for those March winds to blow our troubles away.

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Tuesday @ 5pm EST
"...those March Winds will blow are troubles away"

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  1. Hey Jer Bear,

    You played I Know You Rider from Harper College and then it showed up again in the Oakland show. Do I win??? Ha ha.