Saturday, September 10, 2011

Humboldt to Chicago

Hey Jer,
I’ve wanted to write you for awhile but I felt I needed to make my donation before I did. I finally was able to send you some funds to keep the stream flowing and just wanted to share my thanks for everything you do. You recently helped me on a drive from Humboldt to Chicago, I listened to podcasts for about 13 of the 30 or so hours that drives involves. I had to get my truck out of storage out there after some unfortunate circumstances. Either way, you keep me going on my bike rides, drives etc. I've listened since 09 and originally just wanted to hear the shows, now I look forward to the bear essentials and the pigpen. I love what you're doing and probably just like any other head my experience with the music is mostly personal but it results in an expression of emotion and love that is preferably shared with someone around me. Keep up the good work and I hope my donation goes to shakedown. 

Peace - Matt

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