Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Boys of 1971

I think of few things when I think of '71 Dead: ... vintage Pig Pen rapping on "Lovelight" and "Good Lovin' "(4/17/71- Princeton, NJ), Mickey Hart leaving the band - not to return until Oct of '74 (10/20/74 - Winterland), Keth Godchaux joining the band on piano (10/19/71 - Minneapolis, MN), Pig Pen takes a hiatus and does not return until 11/20/71 and the famous April Fillmore East shows in New York City with The New Riders of Purple Sage.

The boys of 1971 went through some significant changes. Pig Pen was waning and playing less of a front man role, they were breaking out new songs  (Wharf Rat, Greatest Story Ever Told, Playing in the Band, Comes A Time) and they would have 1 drummer - Billy K - for a few years. The improvisational jamming was less, but still pure and authentic. 

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Jer Bear

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