Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer of 1971

The featured show on Shakedown Stream this week is a Grateful Dead show from the summer of 1971. We are incrementally moving through 1971. A cross section of '71 Dead is being examined in quarterly sections. That brings us to the Summer of '71. Click onto the Stream on and/or iTunes and find out which Dead show will be featured in the Stream.

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Summer of 1971

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  1. So, were electronic tuners not invented in the summer of 1971? The constant tuning was bad enough but it took for fucking ever! Very annoying. I am such not a fan of primal each their own I suppose.

    On another note, thnks for the TS birthday request fulfillment! I did make a donation. A while ago I made a conscious effort to give on my birthday rather than get more crap I don't need. This year I donated a dollar for every Bday wish I got on Facebook. I urge all to do the same!