Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grateful Dead: Another Box!

I am happy and I approve. Some years ago, but not too long ago, we Deadheads were not happy with the way the Grateful Dead were handling their music releases. For example, they put out a miraculous box set of the Fillmore West shows from 1969. The planning of this release was poorly executed, producing only a limited amount that sold out quickly. Many of these box sets were auctioned off on eBay for outrageous prices. Next, in a move some Deadheads view as a sacrilege - the band turned the vault over to Rhino records. They then made and stop offering soundboard recordings for download which seemed to many to go against longstanding tradition. As Jerry Garcia once said "When we're done with it, do with it what you want".

For a period of time after these events there were no CD releases. Many of us felt that they were missing a golden opportunity to sell professionally "cleaned-up" versions of Dead shows. Then, something started to happen. The first "Road Trips" series came out - not complete shows, which can be frustrating, but it was something. The quality was spectacular. Finally, Deadheads rejoiced when they began releasing complete shows like the box set of Winterland 1973, Egypt 1978, Hartford 1977 and now this new box set.

Yes, I am happy because they are offering up three shows from Winterland - June 7, 8 & 9 of 1977. What a beautiful thing, wrapped in a gorgeous package to boot. In hindsight, it was worth the wait for the Dead to present us with a really good product. Pre-order this set soon and you'll receive the bonus CD with it. I approve!!!


  1. It's October 2 and there is no evidence Winterland 77 has shipped. Anyone know what's up? Are the problems at Rhino going to mess this up?

  2. Just got mine in the mail today!

  3. No shipping notification even though the credit card was billed on 9/25. The package arrived at my work desk this morning, but it might have been delivered to the office on Friday or Saturday.

  4. Got mine on 10/1/09. Disk 6 had the correct label, but had the same songs as Disk 1. Called customer service on 10/2 and was told I would receive an email and 2 or 3 days with a resolution. Did not get an email, so called again on 10/7/09. I was told that I would get a callback in an hour with an RA number and had to send the disk back for replacement. Asked to talk to a supervisor, and was told I would receive a call back. I am still waiting....