Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shakedown Stream: New Set Lists

Many, many listeners of Shakedown Stream have asked if I could post a set list of each episode. That way they could see the name of the song, and also the date and venue of where the song was played. I have talked about this on the Stream and have read emails on the air regarding this request. I have decided that the best place to do this is on the Shakedown Stream blog page. This blog is the most democratic format because you don't have to have a Facebook or MySpace account to access it. Please feel free to make suggestions - email I am also providing a link for the set list of the featured show to Deadbase. Here it goes -

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  1. Stephen (STEVO) MarksberryJuly 17, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    Jer man, I just spent a half hour intoduceing my self and filling in my background as it relates to our love of the Greatful Dead and the things we have in common and I went on to the point that this comment space just shut me down> Iam a new fan,love your spellcast,your beam of love,but Iam not sure where to really e-mail you with a longer letter,so My name I go by is Stevo, like you would say it if you were French,STE-VO,not Steve-O.Its been 2 months and I had to write to let you know how much your podcast means to me.I will try to uncover the space where I can write a long letter to better introduce myself.I now live in Vero Beach FL., but lived in Jamestown Rhode Island for 40 years. Well anyway My E-mail is love the show,will be in touch when I find the way to send a longer letter,till then,keep the love beamin and may the stars watch over you,a new friend,Stephen Marksberry