Friday, September 11, 2009

Grateful Dead: Streaming to the Pyramids

The Grateful Dead played three shows at the foot of the great Pyramids of Egypt. As we all know, the Grateful Dead were not an ordinary rock 'n roll band - they used music to transcend reality, to go on a vision quest, to experience something spiritual in a communal way. On the Europe '72 tour, Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh visited Stonehenge and were inspired to bring their music to an ancient place such as the Pyramids. Deadheads recognize that certain places have shamanistic powers that enhance musical experiences. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is the music that makes the place transformational or the actual location - Red Rocks - that possesses the magic, but, probably a little bit of both (even the Meadowlands in New Jersey can transcend and become mystical, especially if the band is firing on all pistons).

In our International Dead tour this month, we have travelled to London and Canada, and now we are going "a little but further than we've gone before." I have been waiting for the right time to feature the official Rhino release of the September 1978 Egypt show. I am also pleased to be giving away a free copy of this CD/DVD release of this amazing concert. Stamp your passport, saddle your camel, and open yourself to the ancient energies of the Great Pyramids.

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