Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shakedown Stream - Why We Listen

Hey Jerbear -

Hey - just wanted to send you a quick note how important your show is to me. I recently got a promotion that entailed moving to Virginia. My family is still in NJ where I am from. My new gig involves lots of driving around to check on different operations throughout the day. The only thing keeping me sane - as I trouble shoot from building to building day after day - is your awesome show! When I miss my two kids and wife, I crank up the stream. Please keep up your killer show, awesome comments and cool insights into the band that I love. You are truly a great person for providing fans with excellent quality shows every single week!! Tuesday is the high point of my week because I know I get another huge chunk of love.

Thank you for your hard work and devotion,
Matthew M.

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