Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jerry Garcia: Our Favorite Santa

Jerry sure was (and is) a great door-greeter. Thanks for the reply, and thank YOU for the stream. It's a tasty treat every week, and it was easily my favorite discovery of 2009, as I began
listening in July. Shakedown Stream has kicked me right in the the seat of my well-worn pants of Grateful Dead enthusiasm. I'm listening to the music more regularly than I have in years, and your comments are always good for a thought or a laugh.

I told a bunch of my friends about your Peggy-O image a few weeks back -- of Jerry as a storyteller with butterflies coming out of his
beard while we all gather 'round and listen. We could all relate to that one - scary!!! I also really enjoyed the Oxford, Maine stream that you did. I was up there for those terrific shows, and the beautiful weather and cool scene helped to provide one of my best GD memories ever. The memories came flooding back when listening to that stream.

December is indeed the month of giving, but Shakedown Stream gives every
week of the gaul-dern year!!!! I can't thank you enough.

The Music Never Stops!!!!!
Thanks again,

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