Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Research to the Dead

Love the podcast. I work as a researcher at a genomics company. We're trying to make it cheaper and faster for people to know what diseases they have, what bugs are in their water supply, and just generally democratize research. We all work some crazy long hours and the stream allows me to pippette away and enjoy my time in the lab. Your comments are fun to listen to and obviously the jams keep me going. Been listening to stream for over a year now and I love the long podcast! I'm only 26 so I never got to see the dead but love the music. I also just moved back to CA from mass and you allow me to remember the good parts of mass.
Anyway, top ten. And my list is obviously the best :)
Brown Eyed Woman
Standing on the Moon
They Love Each Other
El Paso
Ramble on Rose
Uncle John's Band
Eyes of the World
peace. ilya

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