Friday, May 7, 2010

What I like ...

I like the Grateful Dead and listen often - Why? Yes, the type of music, the sound, the vibe, the boys' skills, the improv abilities, etc
But MAINLY - this goes right up front - they have a huge number of really good songs. I know they do a lot of covers, but they have written so so many fine songs with beautiful melodies and lyrics (thanks to Barlow and Hunter) which are played by such great musicians that gel so well collectively. Their strong and beautiful songs are what keep me

Thanks for asking,


  1. Jer Ber,

    Hey, I recently discovered the SS podcast and wanted to say thanks. Much appreciate the calming vibes from MV as I walk around hectic Manhattan. Best, Rob

  2. Jer Bear... I can't say this enough... THANK YOU for furthuring the calm within my life; grateful am I! Peace, Jolie