Saturday, May 15, 2010

Primal Dead

The featured show  on Shakedown Stream this week will be Primal Dead - Avalon Ballroom, SF, CA 10/12/68.
It is one Dick Latvala's  (Grateful Dead Archivist) favorites and he dubbed it "Primal Dead." I have been hearing many Streamers asking for  a deep, groovy, cosmic, true blue trippy Dead show.

It is a short show so expect some extra Dead delights.

What?      Shakedown Stream
When?     Tuesday - 5pm eastern time
Why?       Because ...


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Jer Bear, playing the 10/12/68 Avalaon show on the heels of the 5/11/72 Rotterdam show spotlights the band's best stuff! The '72 show is a product of a mature, confident band at the height of its powers, easily commanding genres from country blues to free jazz, and emotions from joyous ecstasy to dark uncertainty, and back again. And the '68 show indicates from whence the maturity came, its roiling, restless, reckless explorations a testament to the band's exploding genius.

    Yeah, I know some love the late period stuff -- and of course the band's last 10 years or so included some wonderful high points (especially some of the '90-'91 shows). But really, there is just no comparison of the later work with the earlier achievements. All of the best songwriting, all of the trailblazing, all of the EVERYTHING that made the band what it was and that kept fans coming back in the later years, hoping for a taste of the magic....that was created in the earlier days, the days that you are showcasing with these 2 shows. Right on!

  2. Just started to listen to the shows. Thank you great stuff. I love the mix of bands/tunes as you lead up to the show. Is there a place to get the playlist for each episode??

    Thanks again.